Ghost hunter claims to have caught spectre in chilling video

A ghost hunter claims he caught a spectre on video during a chilling investigation of an abandoned mill.

Andy Pollard, also known as the Yorkshire Ghost Guy, visited the dilapidated building in Matlock, Derbyshire on his own over the weekend.

During the investigation he set a camcorder up as he looked around the ruins.

At one point he walked through a doorway and, checking the footage after getting home, spotted what he believed to be a ghostly spectre following him.

He said of the footage: “I have an interest in the paranormal and go out on occasion to investigate locations in and around Yorkshire.

“Last night I ventured out to Matlock, Derbyshire, and I think I have caught what appears to be some sort of apparition on camera.

“Being alone always makes me feel a little nervous. I did feel a little uneasy and actually commented in the full length video I was getting a lot of electronic (K2) light responses from the doorway.

“I’m not too sure who or what it could be.”

Andy also seemed to get a response on his K2 meter – a device used to detect spikes in the electromagnetic field which paranormal investigators believe may indicate the presence of spirits.

During the video he felt he might have made contact with a spirit which seemed interested in communicating via the device.

At one point he asked the ‘spirit’ to acknowledge it was in the area by pressing on the green light, which then flashed.

Andy said on the video: “Thank you for that communication, are you still here? I’m sorry to intrude, I’m just nosy.

“Am I OK to be here?”

Earlier this year Andy and other ghost hunters exploring a castle were spooked when they listened back to audio from the trip and heard what they believed to be a spirit saying “goodbye”.

WAH Paranormal visited Spofforth Castle in Harrogate following reports of ghostly goings on in the historic building .

The bones of the building date as far back as the 13th century, while other parts are from the 15th, and it is said to be haunted by a female entity giving off a bluish hue.

During their visit the group, started by Andy Pollard, Wendy Whitehouse and Hayley Whitehouse after struggles with grief last year, picked up “really good results”, according to Yorkshire Live .

Andy said: “We got bits of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and think it’s French but we can’t figure out what the voice in the recording is saying.

“We went back about a month ago and towards the end of the video a woman says good-bye and it’s really clear.”

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